The goal of So Much More: from me to you was to illuminate an area that has historical connections to poverty in Duluth and is symbolic of an unseen or ignored reality: the projection site lies just outside Graffiti Graveyard, a former campsite for Duluthians without housing, which was shuttered in November of 2013 .

Sign next to the gated entrance of Graffiti Graveyard

Graffiti Graveyard: A glimpse through the gate

Nine people who have experienced hardship in Duluth, were willing to share a personal testimony with the public in the form of a projected video portrait. As a public event, the illuminated artwork invited personal reflection and dialogue about poverty in Duluth. It was a hope that this event increased Duluth’s public attention to an otherwise neglected local crisis. The project also demonstrated the creative power of projection in Duluth's built environment.

Pillars of I-35, west of Graffiti Graveyard

Projected video portraits on the I-35 pillars